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September 01, 2022 - September 03, 2022
Bridgetown, Barbados
AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum 2022 - One People. One Destiny.

Steps to take if you are shipping products to Barbados for Exhibition. 

In order to waive Import Duties and Value Added Taxes on the products and samples for the ACTIF 2022 Exhibition the information required from exhibitors is as follows:

  • Name of Importer and Business
  • List of items
  • Amount of each item; and
  • Value of each item

The data will then be forwarded to the host organizers and submitted on the importers’ behalf to the Ministry of Finance.

*Please note, there is no waiver on products intended for sale.

Procedures for Processing Temporary Imported Goods

The following outlines the processes with which an importer should comply, to ensure that imported goods are treated appropriately. Specifically, this document outlines the activities requested by the Export Barbados (Barbados Investment & Development Corporation), for a trading party from Africa to conduct a trade exhibition. It is anticipated that the various items will be imported, and that they will be re-exported at the end of the exhibition. 

The goods under consideration will be classified as temporary importation, which are usually tied to a bond or any other form of financial instrument that will be used to cover the applicable duty liability. The instrument or deposit of monies are submitted to Customs at the importation of the goods, and will be kept until departure. The goods will be examined on entry and departure, to verify that the exact imported item is being exported. On the satisfaction of Customs, the bond is released or the deposit is refunded. 

The importer may request a waiver of duties from the Ministry of Finance, and this will be operationalized by the Customs Department on receipt of the authorization. Copies of the invoices must be submitted to the Ministry with a waiver request letter to facilitate the approval. The importer or his agent may submit the waiver request to the Ministry, which in this case, may be Export Barbados (BIDC). 

In all cases, a Customs entry is required to process the imported goods. This will require the engagement of a Customs Broker which can be accessed by choice. 

The Broker is needed to process the entry in ASYCUDA World, and manage their release and transportation as required. A mandatory examination of the goods will be required, given that they are temporary imports. If any goods are sold locally, duties become applicable and will be deducted from the deposit. 

The Customs Broker will address the sale of the goods, and ensure that all Customs formalities are completed before exportation occurs. 

Recommended Customs Brokers


Telephone #:       (246) 435-2826 / 2827

Fax #:                    (246) (246) 228-1795

Email:                    info@cacs.com.bb

Website:                www.cacs.com.bb


Lot 9, Spring Garden Industrial Estate, St. Michael, Barbados

Telephone #:       (246) 256-7095      

Email:                    collis@rdleagle.com

Website:                www.rdleagle.com

Recommended Service Providers

Printing Services:

*M. Grafix Inc.

Telephone #: +1 246-538-0294

*Colour XL Inc.

Telephone #: +1 246-437-7000

*Print Plus Digital

Telephone #: +1 246-429-5697

Sign Depot

Telephone #: +1 246-435-7446

Sign Station

Telephone #: +1 246-427-7446

COT Holdings Limited

Telephone #: +1 246-420-8550
Email: info@cotholdings.ltd

* these vendors have confirmed the ability to conduct credit card transaction via their websites.

Custom Booth Fabrication

Sign Station

Telephone #: +1 246-427-7446

To view more information on booth specifications Click Here

N.B. The event organizers will be responsible for providing services as listed in the Exhibitor Packages only. The event organiser assumes no responsibility for any contractual agreements between Exhibitors and vendors and/or any other party

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Bridgetown, Barbados
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